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The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Alvin Toffler, Future Shock (1970)

We work on the dynamics that affect engagement and collaboration. We guide people to escape the habits that no longer serve them well and release them from their inner critic. We provide new insights into leading and influencing. We help people and groups to deploy targeted and effective behaviours built around adaptive leadership.

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A 2-day technical & experiential

program for executives, HR/OD/L&D

specialists, educators, coaches,

facilitators, consultants and leaders

who want to improve their

effectiveness with groups

Shanghai, 11-12 October 2018

Auckland, 4-5 March 2019

Melbourne, 6-7 May 2019

Cultivating a growth mindset:

About Rushall Consulting Group

We are attracted to Ron Heifetz and Marty Linsky's work on adaptive leadership, to Meg Wheatley's work on social system engagement and change, to Bob Kegan's work on immunity to change and deliberately developmental organisations, to Ralph Stacey's work on the dynamics and politics of complex adaptive social systems, and to the Tavistock frame of group and inter-personal psychology. 


We believe that human connection lies at the heart of organisational resilience and adaptive capacity.

We have wide experience across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, with a deep history in resources and energy, banking and finance, professional services, and health.


We work with a network of associate consultants, all of whom have extensive experience in organisational adaptation and change, so that we remain nimble and agile in meeting the range and scale of our clients' needs.

Rushall Consulting Group Pty Ltd was founded in 1996 to help organisations and groups to work adaptively and creatively in an increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex world.


Our purpose is to establish a growth mindset & practical skills in people to help them bring their best selves to  work.


Our work ranges from deep-dive leadership interventions through to issue-focused work in small teams that build collaboration and cohesion.  We focus on transformational leadership, building high performing teams, fostering engagement & collaboration, and getting to the heart of issues through deep facilitation.

We focus on experiential learning (that places a premium on learning by doing), action learning (with its focus on workplace application and experiments), and case-in-point learning (where the group assembled becomes the laboratory for action, reflection, observation and discovery).




We unshackle you from the weight of expert models of managerial leadership that pressure you to have all the answers; we release you from second-guessing and undermining "chatter". You will be able to work cleanly with adaptive challenges that are messy, complex and political through interventions that build capacity in everyone. New knowledge about group psychology will give you confidence about when and how to intervene. You will acquire a sophisticated and focused repertoire of adaptive leadership skills that will leave you confident and effective.


High Performing
Team Dynamics

We work with groups that need to improve their performance – by paying attention to their relational dynamics, the altitude of their decision-making, the richness and accuracy of the impact data they receive and the clarity of role hand-offs. The groups might be newly minted through restructures or mergers, or formed to work on a high-impact short-term project, or may be performing well yet wish to move to the next level of high performing team. Significant attention is given to the purpose, authority and impact of top teams on organisational behaviour below. We are specialists in the psychology of group behaviour and work the range from dysfunctional groups to top teams.


Engagement and

We assist functional groups, strata cohorts (for example, the senior management group) and entire organisations to build high engagement around critical change programs. We help them to work more insightfully and effectively on those aspects of their cultures that no longer serve the interests of achievement and how to detach employees from old habits that have long passed their use-by date. Our MO is to drive down the anxiety usually attached to culture and big-ticket change so that people bring their discretionary energy to finding and agreeing more productive ways of collaborating in the service of the organisation.



Mastery in Deep Facilitation 2018-2019

A public program for executives, HR/OD/L&D specialists, educators, coaches, facilitators, consultants and leaders who want to improve their effectiveness with groups


11 - 12 October 2018

    In association with MindSpan



4 - 5 March 2019

    Auckland CBD venue


6 - 7 May 2019

    Graduate House

    University of Melbourne

    220 Leicester Street

    Carlton VIC 3053

In-house private workshops will continue to be available.

2 days non-residential

8.30am - 5.00pm

This is not an entry-level program and presumes that delegates have experience or training working with group behaviour.

Payment can be made by Mastercard, Visa or American Express. Full refunds (less an AUD80 admin fee) are available up to 21 days before the scheduled workshop dates.  (Different terms & conditions apply to the workshops in Shanghai.)




  1. To build knowledge and skills in the psychology of group behaviour to enable deeper and more effective facilitation of groups as they work on adaptive challenges and in turbulent environments.

  2. To be more effective working in the here-and-now with unexpected content and dynamics arising from group work.


When groups are asked to work on truly adaptive challenges (sometimes called wicked problems) – where there is no ready blueprint for action, where the way forward is messy and complex and changeable, and where they are asked to behave in unpractised and unfamiliar ways – they tend to get anxious.


The anxiety is often informed by a sense of loss (what they know and are familiar with is not having the same impact it once had), together with a concern about what will happen to them when they give up their usual ways of doing things and try on quite new ways of turning up: will they look foolish? will they be judged poorly? will they be ostracised? how will they succeed? And yet, it is the very capacity to try on new ways of turning up that is essential to breakthrough outcomes and to innovation.

Deep facilitation is a framework and a method for building safety and permission to work in this deeply challenging professional space. The work starts in the social dynamics of the group, and only later moves to the more familiar territory of action planning and more traditional facilitation.

What you will learn
  • Major frameworks for understanding the psychology of group behaviour and group dynamics drawn from psychoanalytic social psychology.

  • How to build safety and permission in groups so that they can work on hard adaptive challenges.

  • How to facilitate with purpose and resolve by using case-in-point practice when the group is anxious or when it gets stuck.

  • How your own default positions and patterns of behaviour help and hinder your role as facilitator, coach, leader or influencer - and how to flex them in the service of the group.

  • Presentations of key frameworks.

  • Experiential exercises that illuminate understanding and build skills.

  • Masterclass practise sessions (not role plays) that build insight and skills.

  • Rich dialogue that focuses our attention on the particular dynamics in the room and on the needs of the group present.

  • The group assembled becomes the laboratory for action, reflection, observation and discovery as part of case-in-point learning.

  • You will become more confident in taking up a deep facilitation role and using deep facilitation methods.

  • You will be able to diagnose whether your challenge requires traditional facilitation, some elements only of deep facilitation, or a fully-framed deep facilitation intervention.

  • You will gain insights about group behaviour that will enable you to target and time your interventions with greater focus and impact.

  • You will expand your capacity, and the group's capacity, to work with difficult, disruptive organisational challenges in a constructive manner.

  • You will understand how to contract to do this kind of work with your clients or inside your organisation.

  • INTERNATIONAL COACH FEDERATION. We are renewing our ICF program accreditation.  All ICF members are eligible to receive a 25% discount on full price tickets. 

Client Experience

"Peter is a masterful conductor."

Trevor Satour, Building Indigenous Capability

"One of the most outstanding experiences and pieces of learning we have done."

Raechel Ford, Ilume


"Peter's style is calm, direct, confronting and highly experiential. Every time I'm with Peter I'm at the edge of my comfort zone and in hindsight always better for the experience."

Soozey Johnstone, Method9

"Thank you for a wonderful, moving, career progressing workshop."

Angela Sedran, Quest

"Thank you for facilitating our global reorganisation project and for bringing such a diverse group of people to consensus so elegantly."

Andy Vickermann, Rio Tinto plc

"The most rewarding professional development experience of my life."

Dr Brad McCulloch, Queensland Health

"Peter takes groups to new levels of self-awareness, courage and commitment at work."

Danielle Byrnes, Australian Unity

"This program is a real gear shift in terms of human dynamics and with Immunity to Change masterfully role-modelled by Peter."

Marianne Roux, Silverstone Edge



Dr Peter Fullerton
Managing Partner

Peter founded Rushall Consulting in 1996. He works with iconic organisations around the world on leadership development and organisational change. He is renowned for paying attention to group behaviour and the psychodynamics that help and hinder performance and collaboration. Previously he held senior positions with BHP Petroleum, NAB, E&Y, KPMG & the Public Service Board of Victoria. He has a PhD in social psychology.

Kate Tucker

Kate is the owner of InHere Consulting and partners with Rushall Consulting on leadership development projects in the health sector and the professions.

Sallyanne Miller

Sallyanne is the owner of 9 to 5 Consulting and partners with Rushall Consulting on leadership development projects in the health sector and the professions.

Dr Jim Mitchell

Jim explores business opportunities for Rushall Consulting and is currently working on a number of publishing projects for the company. He is an historian and psychotherapist. Previously he worked at the University of Melbourne as a lecturer and counsellor, at the British Library in London as a Curator, and in private practice as a therapist.

Jeremy Cattell

Jeremy is the owner of Albion Consulting and partners with Rushall Consulting on leadership development and change projects in the utilities and energy sectors.

Lisa Vos

Lisa is Principal Consultant with Bridgeview Consulting and partners with Rushall Consulting on leadership development projects in the public & private sectors.



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