Build skills & resilience


Leadership development

We unshackle you from the weight of expert models of managerial leadership that pressure you to have all the answers; we release you from second-guessing and undermining "chatter". You will be able to work cleanly with adaptive challenges that are messy, complex and political through interventions that build capacity in everyone. New knowledge about group psychology will give you confidence about when and how to intervene. You will acquire a sophisticated and focused repertoire of adaptive leadership skills that will leave you confident and effective.

Effective group dynamics

We work with groups that need to improve their performance – by paying attention to their relational dynamics, the altitude of their decision-making, the richness and accuracy of the impact data they receive and the clarity of role hand-offs. The groups might be newly minted through restructures or mergers, or formed to work on a high-impact short-term project, or may be performing well yet wish to move to the next level of high performing team. Significant attention is given to the purpose, authority and impact of top teams on organisational behaviour below. We are specialists in the psychology of group behaviour and work the range from dysfunctional groups to top teams

Collaboration and change

We assist functional groups, strata cohorts (for example, the senior management group) and entire organisations to build high engagement around critical change programs. We help them to work more insightfully and effectively on those aspects of their cultures that no longer serve the interests of achievement and how to detach employees from old habits that have long passed their use-by date. Our MO is to drive down the anxiety usually attached to culture and big-ticket change so that people bring their discretionary energy to finding and agreeing more productive ways of collaborating in the service of the organisation.

Deep facilitation

We surface and make safely discussible the hidden and subterranean issues that are getting in the way of progress, collaboration and innovation. These are the inhibitors that most people know about but are unable to put on the table. We utilise a proprietary methodology that combines case-in-point learning with expertise in the psychology of group behaviour. We deploy this in most private client work. We also offer a public training program in this methodology.